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This site is a source of PC games trainers. You will find a lot of PC games trainers. We only provide clean and undamaged trainers.

Note: Because trainers change the value of the game memories, some antiviruses or security tools detect trainers as Trojans, Malwares or Viruses. If you have such an experience, do not worry because it would be a false positive. But if you are sure then you can Contact Us.

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If you want to upload a trainer of any game, feel free to use this Submit A Trainer form.



What is a PC game trainer?

PC game trainer is a small program which is made to edit activities of a PC game using memories, addresses and values. A Trainer can freeze a memory address, disallowing the PC game from lowering or altering the values stored in that memory address e.g. Health, Ammo. It only writes the data at the memory addresses specified to suit the requirements of the person cheating at the game.

Modern trainers come in executable (.exe) form instead of editing the game’s programming manually.