Crysis 3 Trainers

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Crysis 3 Game

36 Comments to “Crysis 3 Trainers”

  1. jack says:

    I use “Trainer +9″ and it is work. Thanks you very much.

  2. jeron says:

    which trainer has infinte health

    • pcgamestrainers says:

      Crysis 3 Trainer +6, Crysis 3 v1.1 Trainer +6 and Crysis 3 v1.2 Trainer +6 have infinite health option.

  3. jun says:

    which trainer use for laptop

  4. scorpio_99kingz says:

    ASUS G73JW laptop
    Crysis 3 Trainer 9

  5. sam says:

    i have downloaded trainer v1.1+12 but it works only in hunter mode which one is not for hunter mode

    • Zubair Khalid says:

      Sorry Sam,

      We have not the game installed. You can try another trainer or wait until some one will reply. We can’t help you anymore.

  6. Mansour says:

    why there is Trojans every where ?

    • Zubair Khalid says:

      These trainers are not Trojans. Because trainers change the value of game memories, some antiviruses or security tools detect trainers as Trojan, Malware or Virus. I am also including this note with trainers in archives (****.zip). Where *** is the name of trainer.

  7. John says:

    None of them work

    • Zubair Khalid says:

      We are sorry to hear that these trainers did not work for you. We think it is fault from your end.

  8. krizalid says:

    how can i know the version of Crysis that i am playing? by using any of these trainers would work on my game?

    • Zubair Khalid says:


      We have not played Crysis 3. Anyway you can search in Google or download trainers one by one and check which trainer works for you.

  9. Dosa says:

    I have visited most of the pages of your site and have downloaded a lot of trainers. Most of them work for me and should work for others.

    Yes, you are right that antivirus softwares detect these trainers as virus or any other unwanted software. Is there any thing that can be included in the files to avoid this problem. I mean after including something antivirus softwares may not detect these trainers as virus.

    Of course I will come back to read your reply.

    Thank you your work.

    • Zubair Khalid says:

      Thank you for visiting our site and downloading trainers.

      Developers of trainers can do so. But it is hard to manage. Because there are a lot of antiviruses and they can’t handle all the antiviruses.

  10. Dosa says:

    Crysis 3 trainers work very well for me. Thank you.

  11. magarlee says:

    why didnt you give the keypad code
    is that come in option while playing game…////???????

  12. MacTavish says:

    Hey Dude, Im MacTavish Im A Developer on Myself. Im Trying to make my very own game with CryEngine 3. Did You Tell Me How You make Trainers. I Just Want To make my.

    • Zubair Khalid says:

      Goto this site ( You will find a lot of help in forum section.

      Please check your e-mail. We have asked you a question.

  13. diviyeshj007 says:

    y isnt my game sensing any of the crysis3 trainers? can u plz tell me wats wrong?

  14. Savage says:

    why does every +6 trainer sais my MD5 isnt the expected one… i just have the original release from reloaded… tried al 3 versions, i really want godmode
    But the Crysis 3 v1.1 +9 trainer works for me, but still has no god mode. Infinite energy isn’t the solution, becouse at a certain moment at the game where i cant get anyway further, your nanosuit is not working anymore.

  15. prasanna says:

    please suggest for version 5.1
    crysis 3 which trainer will work

  16. Not You says:

    I tried almost all of them and none of them worked. When I hit the activate key on the ones that had them, it said “Activated” but nothing worked. Really disappointed.

  17. Not You says:

    Any chance win8 might be affecting it?

  18. Vibhu says:

    How to use trainer NO 3 v1.2 Trainer +6

    • Zubair Khalid says:

      Download the trainer. Extract archive file with any zip or rar extractor. Copy/paste the trainer in your game folder and run it then start the game, during the game press hot-keys which were given in the trainer to activate various cheats.

  19. Maxismael says:

    most trainers says not found ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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